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Yuroc Records One-hour Interview for May Broadcast

In coordination with Council Member Peggy Moore, Yuroc, recorded an illuminating interview of what the COVID-19-Immunity.com site is all about, how it came to be, and what happens next. Here are slide titles:

Measuring and Using Ultra-High Frequency Subtle Energies to Heal the Earth Dr. Brian L. Crissey COVID-19-Immunity.com Love Your Mother Judge Not Beliefs Are Judgments Beliefs are Toxic Terence McKenna Believe Nothing. Wonder About Everything. Be flexible. Expect Change. Maintain an Inventory of Plausibilities. Sort them by your experience andy our gut feeling. Paradigms are Sets ofInterlocked Beliefs. When Paradigms Shift Flat Earth vs. Heliocentric model Agriculture vs.Industrial Age Newtonian vs. Relativity On the Cusp of a New Paradigm COVID-19-Immunity.com Seriousness COVID-19 Doubling every few days Shortly we all get it Remember: There is no death, only as change of worlds. -- Chief Seattle Hopi Prophecy: End of the 4th World Prophecy Rock Hopi Prophecy Circular Cloud Forms Over Circle of Rainbow Warriors Dawn of The Fifth World A Bridge to the 5th World Iceberg of Perceived Reality How Manifestation Works Manifesting Health Dowsing is a Metaphysical Compass Dowsing Your Choices Manifesting a Healthy World Love Your Mother 2022 3/22/20 COVID-19 Mitigation COVID-19 Disappears when dominated by Exponential Growth of Immunes Our Cosmic Family Brian's Personal Experience, 1962 Billie Meier, Pleiadeans, Pam's Encounter 1962 Milk Hill 8/11/2001 Created in 4 hrs overnight In the rain No footprints, 1000 ft across, 409 perfect circles Mathematical symmetry, Impossible to hoax Manifesting Crop Circles Fractals We Are Powerful We Are Manifesting the 5th World I will transmute this PowerPoint into a YouTube video and later make it into a book.

Stay tuned.

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