• Yuroc

Subtle Energies Worldwide Lift to Resist COVID-19

On Sunday, March 22, 2020, subtle-energy explorers from around the world collectively manifested a rising of Earth's subtle-energy frequencies to a height that the COVID-19 virus finds inhospitable.

These were the assigned bodies of water:

Prior to the global exercise, the world's oceans as whole measured 25E.

The maximal E intensity in which COVID-19 can replicate is 500E.

Essence 2022, Love Your Mother, which was replicated worldwide to carry out this exercise, measured 109E when first created. As loving intentions began to cross-fertilize, its energy rose to 525E.

As of this writing, Essence 2022, Love Your Mother, is maintaining an energy of 750E, far above the 500E necessary to stop new contagion from COVID-19.

We ask the participants to safeguard the safety of the Earth and its inhabitants by frequently co-creating more of the essence and releasing it into the world's waterways.

Inexhaustible supplies of the essence can be created by printing out a free 2022 label from the product page and placing it by a clean container of pure water. The activation occurs immediately, and you are encouraged to energize every body of water you encounter, and to consume some yourself to raise your frequencies as well.


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