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Projecting the End of COVID-19

Good folks,

The strength of the Love Your Mother 2022 essence as measured on the E scale, which is the natural logarithm of the Bovis measurement of subtle energy, continues to rise, although it has leveled off:

Also shown above is the dowsed E-reading of the Earth as a whole during the same period.

Notice that the Earth energy as a whole lags behind the essence E-readings, but it continues to rise.

It seems to take time to assimilate the high energy worldwide.

The COVID-19 virus is dowsed to survive in environments up to 600E. By projecting the rise in Earth energy forward, we can estimate that COVID-19 will find the Earth energy intolerable by around June 7:

In February we estimated that the Love Your Mother 2022 campaign would cause new worldwide COVID-19 infections to peak around July 7 and then drop to near zero around July 13:

Such behavior is not inconsistent with Earth energies making it highly uncomfortable for COVID-19 by June 7.

It is often observed that insect populations targeted for elimination by chemical pesticides respond by increasing their reproduction rate, which causes a spike, followed by a general collapse, which is the pattern here.

Please continue to spread Love Your Mother 2022 water everywhere you go, with the intention of raising the Earth’s subtle energies above what COVID-19 can tolerate.

Thank you for your participation in this important process.


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