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Helping those in Confined Spaces

We saw it first in King County, Washington, February 28, 2020, when a case of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) was identified in a woman resident of a long-term care skilled nursing facility. Epidemiological investigation identified 129 cases of COVID-19, including 81 of the residents, 34 staff members, and 14 visitors; 23 persons have died. Since then many other nursing homes have become infected, and at least one has evacuated asymptomatic residents to other homes, which may be counterproductive.

Then we saw it on March 24 when three sailors aboard the Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier tested positive for COVID-19, prompting the service to subsequently order the carrier to pull into port in Guam. Since then, COVID-19 cases aboard the vessel have increased exponentially, with 93 sailors aboard testing positive.

We saw it in cruise ships. A cruise ship stranded off Uruguay reports 60% on board down with the virus. In Honolulu, 6 crew members on board a cruise ship are ill with it. The Holland America ship Zaandam has been denied permission to disembark passengers by several countries, with four dead and nearly 200 people sick.

We saw it in prisons like Butner in NC, where 1/4 of the prison has been converted into a COVID-19 ward, and the Cook County jail in Illinois, where inmates are being released to help stem the spread. At least 353 COVID-19 cases in Illinois can be traced back to the jail, but since most of the jail's 5,000 inmates have not been tested, corrections officers say that more cases are likely. 238 inmates and 115 staff members there have tested positive for the virus as of Wednesday.

Now several more Navy ships, cruise ships and prisons are afflicted.

What seems to be happening is that the virus gets into an enclosed space like a nursing home or a ship and infection spreads via asymptomatic carriers throughout the enclosed space. 

Our Love Your Mother 2022 global healing water seems to have stabilized at 2780E, sufficiently high to prevent COVID-19 from replicating. It is our task now, either in Council today, or on our own time, to consciously spread the 2022 energy essence everywhere, in water, on land, through all living beings, and especially in all confined spaces. We cannot easily visit such places, but we can travel there in our minds’ eyes and deliver the high energy remotely. We will do this today  in Council.

Preparation: prepare your water. You can use this label and a clean glass of best water.

Place a drop in each of the 4 cardinal directions around you or your home. Meditate on raising the subtle energies in all confined places around the world, moving them all above the level that COVID-19 can tolerate.

And send energy to those countries around the world who have little or no economic resources to sustain their people’s current and coming encounter with this challenge.

Potentially good news: China has reopened Wuhan, and New York's new infection rate is down.


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