• Yuroc

Cosmic Council Soars into Uncharted Waters

The Cosmic Council of Earth, with representation from Ireland, CA, NC, and the high seas of Bahama, met in session today to work with the extraordinary energetic developments that have been happening recently. Extended discussion occurred on the nature of the exponential growth of the COVID-19 pandemic and the even faster potential of a Heart-of-Humanity-based POSIDEMIC that promises to keep ahead of the pandemic and eventually turn the tide back towards planetary safety and health.

There is a new menu at the site, Safety Cakes, with a recipe whereby anyone can distribute the high energy (109E) of the Heart of Humanity essence to anyone by including it in organic banana-nut bread. A bread baked for the meeting was measured at 109E, not having been diminished in any way by the baking process.

The Council was led to raise the energies of the Heart of Humanity essence even further, and immediately the energy multiplied by 5, rising to 545E. A new essence was co-created, with a new all-time highest E reading of 650E. The new essence is Physical Alchemy 2021.


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