Origins of Heart of Humanity

     The Heart of Humanity cosmic energy essence has been under development for 19 years, ever since an impossible crop circle appeared on Milk Hill, England, on August 11, 2001, exactly one month before the 9/11 events. The formation covered 700,000 sq. ft. and appeared in 4 hours of darkness in the driving rain. There were 409 perfect circles, each a prime number of inches in diameter. It was a thousand feet wide, and there were no footprints in the muddy ground. The stalks were not broken. They were bent, as if by the application of a focused heat source.

     Naturally, one's attention is commanded by such a thing, which could not have been faked. Its mathematics are precise and perfectly symmetric. It was intelligently designed and implemented. To us, it meant that we are not alone. Something or someone is communicating with us, and it is our duty to inquire into it.     We began by touring the crop-circle fields of England with a group under master dowser, hypnotist and explorer, Barbara Lamb:


At each site we placed a one-ounce bottle of pure water and asked the creators of the formation to infuse into the water whatever healing energies might be available at that site.

     We learned to dowse, and over 19 years, we collected and analyzed 334 amazing cosmic energy essences. We began measuring subtle energies in the crop circles using the traditional Bovis scale:

     As the years passed, the Bovis scale became greatly outmoded. The subtle energies we were picking up were way off the Bovis scale, and the process of reinterpreting the scale to higher and higher ranges was  becoming time-consuming and awkward. The original Bovis scales were fine for the ranges of energy found in the human body, but a new scale was necessary to measure the enormously high frequencies we were encountering. Every scale we created was soon blown away by ever-higher energies. We finally settled on a simple scale from 0 to 100 on the E scale, where E is the natural logarithm of the Bovis measurement:

     Heart of Humanity 2020 is the 334th essence in the collection, and its subtle energy, read on the Bovis scale, is 2.2 x 10^48. Yes, 48 zeros following the leading digit, still too unwieldy. Taking the natural logarithm of the Bovis reading gives 109E, much easier to deal with. When we encounter an energy that reads higher than 100E, we reinterpret the scale to read from 100E to say 200E. Now it is easy to use.

     The way that Heart of Humanity 2020 protects you from COVID-19 is that taking in some of its water raises your body's subtle energies to match the energies in that essence. This level of subtle energy is so far above what COVID-19 can tolerate, that the virus finds your body an inhospitable place to set up shop. The virus burns up in the high energy in your body and must find somewhere else to live.

     Over the years, a number of highly sensitive subtle-energy master-workers came into the group, which became known as the Cosmic Council of Earth. Members hail from Australia, Germany, Ireland, NC, OH, OR, TX, and the high seas. We are proud to have as a member of the Council Aingeal Rose O'Grady, an internationally respected reader of the Akashic Records. She has read all of the essences we have produced, setting each one's price, name, and interpretation.

     The international group meets monthly or as needed to develop, measure and read cosmic energy essences. Coordinated intention is a powerful method for co-creating healing-energy essences. Here is a Zoom image from a Cosmic Council of Earth session during which the group was invoking powerful energies into a new cosmic energy essence.

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